Best Steelhead Fishing Guides in New York

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If you have not had the pleasure of having a steelhead on the other end of your fly rod, ripping into the backing on your size 9 fly rod and reel, then your in for a treat. Pound for Pound, there isn’t a fish that’s going to give you a fight like the one your in for steelhead fishing. From the moment you set the hook in what feels like a solid rock all the way through you capturing the moment in a photo, itching for more.

Steelhead fishing will help you remember what it was like to be kid with all the excitement and commotion that comes with these marathon fighters.

If you're tired of all the hype and just want a good day of fishing on the Salmon River near Pulaski, NY then let Corey Willey of Tightlines Fishing Guide Service give you a Salmon River NY fishing trip to remember! Tightlines Fishing Guide Service has been serving fishermen for over 17 years. Corey also guides all summer in Alaska on the Alagnak River in Bristol Bay if you're looking for Wilderness Salmon fishing.

Best Salmon Fishing Guides in New York

Salmon fishing NY style is lots of fun! Fantastic Steelhead are also caught in the late fall through spring months, while Chinook Salmon, aka King Salmon fishing is best in early and mid Fall. Large Brown trout and Rainbow trout are caught in the late fall through spring months. If great Steelhead fishing in NY is your thing, you need to be fishing with Tightlines Fishing Guide Service of Pulaski, NY.

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Information about Salmon Fishing in New York

About Your New York Salmon Fishing Guide

Corey Willey of Tightlines Fishing Guide Service has been guiding fishermen on the Salmon River near Pulaski, NY since 2000. This area is the best fishery on the east coast for Salmon and Steelhead as well as big Brown trout. Corey primarily fishes the Salmon River but also fishes the Oswego river and Black river and does some fishing on Lake Ontario as well. Corey guides mostly the rivers and tributaries near Pulaski, NY as well as the Alagnak river in Alaska - which is in the Katmai National Park at the Alaska Peninsula, Bristol Bay, Alaska. Corey knows he has the best job in New York and is happy to share his experiences with anyone willing to lend an ear.

Corey usually meets his clients first thing in the morning before sunlight (but the time can be adapted to whatever the client wants). Normally he will meet his clients for the day's fishing at either where they are staying or at one of the local shops.

Most guided salmon fishing trips usually last all day. The same goes for Brown trout and Steelhead fishing trips.

References are available upon request.

You should bring the following items with you:

* Warm clothing - Camouflage or Dark colors.
* Rain Gear, just in case, these should also be dark colors.
* Hip boots or Chest waders with wading belt. (be sure to also bring korkers - which are spiked footwear that attach to your boots to prevent slipping. These can be rented or purchased from local tackle shops.)
* Lunch and Beverage, please use a small cooler and unbreakable containers. (no glass allowed on boat)
* Polarized sunglasses (Preferable Amber colored)
* Large cooler for your catch!
* Camera!

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FAQ About Salmon & Steelhead Fishing in New York

Q. What are the daily catch limits in NY for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout?
A. 3 Salmon, 3 Brown Trout or 1 Steelhead - If you are fishing for multiple species, the limit is 3 fish in any combo, not to exceed the individual limit.

Q. When is the best time of year to fish for big steelhead?
A. Nov. thru Dec. - then again...late March thru April.

Q. What is the best fly to catch steelhead?

A. For me the crystal meth fly has been the most productive fly for fishing for steelhead. The flash gives it good visibility for the both the fish and fisherman to be able to see when a big steelhead latches on.

YOU MUST HAVE A VALID NEW YORK STATE FISHING LICENSE to fish with our Salmon River fishing Guides.

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